6 Reasons Beginner Dieter’s Don’t Succeed

Tired of starting up on a diet only to be met with frustration when you don’t get the results that you were hoping for? Thinking of tossing in the towel because you just can’t seem to shed the weight?

Whether you’ve just fallen off your first diet attempt or your tenth, learning some of the primary reasons why many beginners struggle to see the weight loss results they desire can help.

If you can side-step these mistakes, you can confidently go on to seeing the results you desire in the future.

Let’s look at the six most common reasons you could be failing your diet plan.

Lack Of Calorie Control 

Okay, I get it. Counting calories sucks. No one wants to count calories (unless perhaps you’re a math fanatic), but nevertheless, if you want to see maximum results, you must.

If the diet you’ve been placed on doesn’t have you counting your calorie intake, that’s the first sign this diet is going to fail you. In order to burn up body fat, you need to take in fewer calories than you burn off over the course of the day. There is just no way around this one.

Insufficient Protein 

The next big problem with many beginners is they’re simply not getting enough protein. This doesn’t mean you need to feast on five chicken breasts a day, but you do need to take care to ensure that each and every meal and snack you eat does contain at least 10-15 grams of protein. Your snacks should come in around 10 grams and your meals around 25.

Not sure what counts as a good source of protein? Natural animal based foods are usually the best bets such as chicken, turkey, lean red meat, fish and seafood.

Low fat dairy products are also a great source of protein in your diet if you don’t have issues consuming lactose and may actually give you an even better boost. Studies1 suggest that those who consume dairy while on a reduced calorie diet plan can actually see an increased rate of fat loss from the abdominal region. So if you want flat abs, having some low sugar plain yogurt for your afternoon snack may help get you there.

Finally, if you prefer non-animal sources of protein, you’ll want to consider foods like beans and lentils along with tempeh and tofu. These will also contain fats or carbs along with the protein however, so you’ll need to be sure that you’re accounting for those in your daily totals.


Little Food Variety 

When you think about your diet plan, do you find that you are eating the same handful of foods over and over again? Has your lunch meal been the same lunch you’ve had every single day this week?

Do you crave more variety but never allow yourself it because other foods just don’t ‘fit’ on your plan?

If the answer to this is yes, that’s a problem. Too many beginners put themselves on highly restrictive diet plans that don’t provide variety and quickly cause boredom to set in.

You need to enjoy your diet to have success with it. As impossible as it sounds, not every diet has to be bland and boring. You need to find a plan that allows you to eat foods that you do still enjoy. While you may not be able to have your pizza and cake every night, there’s no reason that you should be dreading the meals you’re eating.

Black And White Thinking Patterns 

Moving along, don’t get caught up in black and white thinking patterns. Some beginners have this strong tendency to believe that they are either 100% on their diet or they are 100% off their diet.

And when they are off, they are OFF. They binge on everything in sight, eating thousands of calories in one sitting. This is bad news because it’s very possible to undo a week’s worth of hard dieting effort in a single sitting if you aren’t careful.

Avoid black and white thought processes. If you make a mistake, it’s okay. Everyone does it as everyone is human. What matters is your ability to get back on track after the mistake is made. If you can focus on that, you’ll find that the mistake doesn’t impact you all that much.

Too Low Of A Calorie Intake 

For some beginners, the notion is there that if 1500 calories is good, 1000 must be better. Don’t get caught in this thinking. While you definitely do need to use a reduced calorie diet plan to see results, if you take your calorie intake back too low, problems will occur.

Your body will start to think it’s facing a famine and when that happens, it’ll slow down its resting metabolic rate, causing you to burn fewer and fewer calories each day.

This leads you into the dreaded diet plateau, where you won’t see any results at all. A moderate calorie deficit will not only produce better long-term weight loss results, but it’ll also keep you happier on the plan as well.

No one likes trying to get by on so few calories. If every single second of the day you are thinking about food and feeling hungry, that’s a very good sign you aren’t eating enough. Listen to your body and what it’s trying to tell you.

For additional information on weight loss plateaus, check out this video:

Reliance On Supplementation 

Finally, the last major mistake many beginners make that can cost them success is getting too wrapped up in supplementation. Yes, a few supplements may help ensure your fat loss progresses along at a bit of a faster rate than normal.

But, supplements are never going to do the work for you. Some of those who are just starting take every supplement out there that promises to block carbs, block fat, speed up their metabolic rate, combat hunger, and of the like, thinking this means they won’t have to worry about eating right.

You have to eat right to see results. There is no way of getting around this so accept it now and save yourself the trouble later on.

Supplements only work if they are supplementing a good diet plan. If that diet isn’t there to start with, they really aren’t going to be doing much.

So there you have the main points to know and remember regarding your fat loss diet plan. Keep these in mind and make sure that you aren’t falling victim to any of these. If you are, rethink your approach before you become discouraged when you aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for.

Author: Shannon Clark