Bust out the body you want with these tips

You want to get buff.  You join a gym.  Now what?

There’s more to being physically fit than just time in the gym.  In fact, it’s not even mostly about time in the gym.  It turns out that packing on muscle in the most healthy way is about time inside and outside of the gym.  It’s about planning, preparation and execution, by execution I mean “KILLING IT.”

Getting that muscular physique will require self evaluations, time in the kitchen, time in the gym and quality time with your pillow.  Are you in?  Let’s get started.

In order to fuel your body in the gym, you have to prepare for your workouts.  Preparing is important.  If you don’t don’t prepare you end up on vacation with no place to stay.  You don’t want to get in the gym for an aggressive workout and run out of steam  To ensure that doesn’t happen to you, follow these 5 tips.

Befriend a water bottle- We need between half an ounce and a full ounce of water for every pound of weight we carry.  That means, a 120 pound person needs between 1 and 2 gallons of water per day.  How to drink that much, you ask? Take Will the water bottle with you everywhere you go.  Refill Will.  Hold Will.  Have drinks with Will every 15 minutes or so.  Make Will the water bottle the peanut butter to your jelly.

Eat more. – Your body needs calories for fuel.  When you work out regularly your body converts calories to energy.  Eat more protein to recover more properly.  We should eat about 1 gram of protein for every pound we weigh.  Eat more frequently to stabilize your blood sugar and avoid storing fat. We should eat 5 to 6 times per day. That 120 pound person, just needs to eat 6.6 slices of bacon at each meal.  Don’t do that, that’s too much fat.

Avoid processed “food” – Eat clean, whole foods. Avoid packaged food or foods that contain too many additives.  Dear Berries, I’m coming for you!

Eat after working out – You should always have a meal after a workout, preferably one high in protein.  This helps aid in recovery of the muscles.

Change your habits. – Stop habits that negatively impact your well-being.  Adopt habits that improve your focus and aid in relaxation.  I like to switch them out so I don’t feel like I’ve lost anything.  Next time you want to smoke, draw instead.  When you want McDonald’s, go for a run.

Rest like it’s your job. – Seriously, don’t let anything get in the way of you and rest day.  No clean clothes and no clean dishes?  So what, it’s rest day.  Order some from Amazon Now, your muscles are busy growing.

Now that you’ve got our body nice and fueled, you need to know what to do.

Building the body you want takes time.  Attempts to accelerate results often end in overuse and injury.  For these reasons, it is recommended that you pay more attention to HOW you work out than HOW MUCH weight you can lift.  When you reach an advanced level of bodybuilding, then you can focus on how much you lift.

To build healthy, strong muscles, that are able to lift like Arnold, you have to proceed with caution.  You have to protect your joints, your bones and especially your lower back.  Think of these first several weeks as the “cutting up the vegetables phase.”  The same way you wouldn’t put unpeeled carrots in a soup, you shouldn’t overload unprepared muscles.

In order to lift heavy, you first must lift correctly.  Follow these tips to keep your body healthy and strong inside the gym.

Start slowly – Work out for long term health, not short term strength.  Don’t rush it.  Build an excellent foundation to build muscle with. Progress your workouts with appropriate resistance and do warm up sets.

Build the basics – Use little to no weight to develop correct form on fundamental exercises.  Use that strong fundamental foundation to build more advanced exercises. Master technique on squats, deadlifts, bicep curls, planks, bench press, push ups, rows, pull ups, lunges, dips and mostly importantly, chicken breast cooking.

Measure your progress. – Although weight is the most common method used to measure progress, inches are better at showing measurable differences.  Measure the same spots on your body weekly as soon as you get out of bed.  I know. But, coffee.  Trust me, if you want accuracy, measure without the coffee.

Be consistent. – Exercise when you plan to for as long as you plan to.  Use all of your effort, every time.  Consistently stay committed.

Don’t overwork yourself. – Don’t over do it.  Work out 4 times per week.  Rest the other days.  Alternate the muscle groups you work to promote the better recovery.

Warm up and Cool Down. Never ever skip these. I don’t care if you’re going to be late to a first date with someone who is way out of your league, Don’t skip warmup and cool down.

Getting your blood pumping is essential to lifting because the blood carries the oxygen you need to make fuel for your muscles.  Cooling down is essential as well. If you are exerting yourself the way you should be, your body is temporarily converting nutrients to lactic acid for fuel.  If you stop working out without cooling down, the lactic acid stays in your muscles.

Increase the weight 5-10% per week. – Never increase the weight to much.  You should be able to complete the set without compromising form.  5 squats with correct form will always be better than 10 squats performed incorrectly.

Strengthening all of the muscles in your body together at an proper rate will improve your body overall.  These tips will help you build a strong foundation for packing on muscle.  You’ll see improvements in tone and definition in your body.  These things will only happen if you follow the most important tip for bodybuilding:

Set realistic goals and COMMIT to them.

Set healthy, attainable short term and long term goals.  Set progress goals, set goals that test your strength and endurance.  Measure accurate and measure often.  Take progress photos to remind you why you’re so committed and how ripped you’re getting.

Set your goals and take the plunge.  A new you is waiting.

Author: Makayla Leazott